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B.E Khulile's Bespoke Afro Wig

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Product Description

This is the ultimate luxury Afro Wig. As worn by mrs_ofosu on Instagram

The BE Khulile's Bespoke Afro Wig is a coarse textured curl and is a perfect blend for our African natural hair. It is similar to Type 4 hair and is a very tight coil.

This wig is made from 2 packs of Afro Kinky Weaves plus closure and sewn on to a wig cap.  No need for wig combs and no need for the elastic band. The wig cap is made from a stretchy cap, which fits snuggly into your head.

Please allow 7-10 days processing time on top of your Shipping time.

100% virgin hair.

Recommended Quantity: 1


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